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  1977 Raleigh Sports  

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1977 catalog:

Catalog scan courtesy A.W. Gonya

Sizes and colors:

Frame Pearl Silver Coffee
DL22 18", 21", 23" 18", 21", 23"
DL22 S3C 18", 21", 23" NA
DL22L 18", 19.5", 21", 23" 18", 19.5", 21", 23"
DL22L S3C 18", 19.5", 21", 23" NA

Colors were drastically reduced to the (Pearl) Silver and Coffee shades from 1976. Despite its name change, Pearl Silver is identical to the earlier Silver color.

1977 decals:

Decals remain mostly unchanged from the 1973-1976 model years; "Raleigh Sports" chainguard decal adapted to new chainguard design.

Full comparison available in the Visual ID section.

Frame details:

1977 models recieved a fourth brazed-on brake cable guide at the back of the top tube, a new chainguard design, and fender stay brackets became significantly widened at the corners; probably to alliviate tire rubbing on dented or badly-adjusted fenders.

The downtube pump pegs were also omitted from the frame. As the LTD model (the Sports' pump pegless cousin) was dropped after 1976, neither model duplicated each other.

Widened fender stays

Revised chainguard

Additional cable guide

Cat-Eye reflector (Thanks to member ds220 on Flickr)


The Sports saw many changes in 1977, starting with the unsightly addition of CPSC-compliant reflectors. The heron light bracket on the headset on '77s (and later) are substituted with CPSC-mandated front reflector mounts. An enlarged Cat-Eye coffin-shaped rear reflector became standard on the rear fender. The larger rear reflector requires two holes in the rear fender, as opposed to the single hole required for the Lucas reflector that preceeded it. Crescent-shaped, two-bolt wheel reflectors become standard as well.

Between the double reflector holes and the widened stays, it is generally not advisable - cosmetically - to mix pre-'77 fenders with post-'77 fenders.

1977 chainring heron logos are revised to point counterclockwise to match the headbadge logo. Some counter-clockwise heron chainrings may be seen prior to 1977 as manufacturing mistakes; nevertheless, the '77-'82 counterclockwise design is intential.

Additionally, the Brooks B.72 of 1976 was outsted in favor of a large, (inferior) vinyl Brooks saddle, which would stay with the Sports until its removal from the U.S. market in 1982.

Full details available in our serial chart section.

Weinmann black-dot lever

Weinmann 730 caliper

Counter-clockwise Heron chainring

1977-1982 Brooks vinyl mattress saddle

Serial numbers:

Serial number for all 1977 Sports are located behind the seattube, and follow the pattern of the 1973/4-1982+ serial system pattern.

Full details available in our serial chart section.

1974-1982+ serial location