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1981 Raleigh Catalogue (U.S. market)

Many thanks to Neal Lerner for the loan of this catalogue.
Click photos for larger (approx. 800 X 1030 / 1600 X 1200) images.


Preface/Pg. 2

Preface/Pg. 3

Professional Mark V/Superbe/Competition GS

Touring 14/Super Course/Super Grand Prix

Gran Sport/Grand Prix/Super Record/Reliant

Rapide/Rapide 24

Tourist/Sports/Roadster AW

Sprite-10/Sprite-5/Beach Rambler/Rambler MX

Colt GT-10/Colt GT-3/Space Rider/Mountie

Zinger AW/Zinger MX/Zinger/Mini Mountie

R-11XL/R-10 variants


Roadbike specs./Professional framesets/Shapemate

Frame Sizes/Colors/Warranty

Rear Cover

2006 The Headbadge