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1948 Raleigh Catalog

Many thanks to A.W. Gonya for the scanned images of this catalogue.

Click photos for larger (approx. 1000 X 800) images.

These images are provided for historical documentation purposes under the U.S. Fair Use law. No challenge of copyright is intended, nor implied.

Front cover

Front cover - inside


Raleigh Refinements

Features, continued

Cycle to Health & Fitness...

Junior, Model 31/31L

Popular, Model 1/1L

Tourist, Model 2/2L

Dawn, Model 11/11L

Dawn Tourist, Model 12/12L

Raleigh Sports 21/21L + Super Sports Model 28

Superbe Tourist, Model 3/3L

Superbe Dawn Tourist, Model 13/13L

Superbe Dawn Tourist, Model 13/13L

Superbe Sports Tourist, Model 24/24L

Sports Light Roadster, Model 22/22L

Sports Tourist, Model 23/23L

Lenton Clubman, Model 25

Raleigh Record Ace / R.R.A, Model 26

Record Ace, continued + R.R.A Tourist

Low Gravity Carrier, Model 41

Cycling Terms / Glossary

Cycling terms, continued

Pricing (unmarked)

Sturmey-Archer hubs: ABC, AW, AM, BRC, BFC, FW

Rear cover