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Brochure for Silva's La Combinata: Framebuilder's multi-function milling machine

This brochure was provided with an example of Silva's La Combinata milling machine. The La Combinata can to thread fork steerer tubes (even threadless), ream headsets and seattubes, press-fit headset cups, and ream the inside of a steerer tube; hence its name.

To my knowledge, the only example in the United States is owned by Terraferma Cycles. Many thanks to Mike Terraferma for lending this manual for scanning.

Front page:

Overall view

Rear page:

1. Threading steer tube / reaming inside of steer tube
2. Reaming fork steer tube
3. Reaming head tube / installing headset cups
4. Seat tube reaming
5. Reaming / threading "head collar"
6. Rethreading / facing B.S.A.-thread bottom bracket

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Front of manual

Rear of manual