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1973 Raleigh Catalog (U.S. market)

Many thanks to Scott Ryder ( and Matt Keller for the scanned images of this catalogue.

Click photos for larger (approx. 1000 X 700) images.

These images are provided for historical documentation purposes under the U.S. Fair Use law. No challenge of copyright is intended, nor implied.

Front cover

Professional Mk IV

Professional Track


Professional, International, Professional Track

Competition Mk II

Gran Sport

Super Course TT

Super Course

Competition, Gran Sport, Super Course

Grand Prix

Record + Record 24

10-speed tennis, anyone?

Sprite 27

Sprite posing - DL90s shown

Superbe / Tourist


LTD-3 + Folder (a.k.a. Twenty)

Chopper + Record 24

Colt, Space Rider, Mountie


Technical Specifications


Back cover / index