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2006 VAR Tools Catalog

Many thanks to Mike Terraferma for providing the scanned images of this catalog.

Click photos for larger (1000 X 1414px) images.

These images are provided for historical documentation purposes under the U.S. Fair Use law. No challenge of copyright is intended, nor implied.

Front cover



Headtube reamer for integrated h/s

Reamer/facer, continued

Reamer, disc brake facer

BB taps

Seat tube reamer

Dropout & frame tools

Crown race/steer tube

Headset/fork tools

Headset tools

Headset tools

Fork tools

BB/peg spanners

BB tools

BB tools

Crank tools

Chainring/crank tools

Chainring/crank tools

Chainwhips/freewheel remover

Cassette & Freewheel Removers

Freeweel/cassette tools

Chain tools

Axle/spoke tools + wrenches

Spoke tools

Tire/spoke tools

Cutters/brake tool

Wrenches, caps, crimper

Hex/Torx wrenches

Hex/Torx wrenches

Tool kit


Pliers/handles/vise jaws

Torque wrenches


Wheel truing stands



Frame hooks


Panels and toolboxes

VAR dealers

Rear cover