The Headbadge: Classic Crank Extractors

Most square-taper cranksets utilize a 22mm extractor thread; however, a number of exceptions exist in the world of classic and vintage components. Additionally, modern ISIS and Shimano Octalink, despite using a 22mm extractor thread, require a variant of the existing 22mm tool with a larger dome at the tool's end. This tool is not compatible with square taper cranksets and can damage them.

Threading and BB Extractor
22mm square taper Park CCP-2, CCP-22, CWP-7; VAR #10, many others
22mm Campy C-Record/Croce d'Aune/Victory crank body (when missing self-extracting bolts)* Campagnolo #TL-1170005
22mm ISIS/Octalink Park CCP-4, CCP-44, CWP-7; many others
23mm Spécialités TA + Stronglight cotterless steel ONLY*** Park CCP-1 (no longer produced; shown far left), JA Stein, others may exist
23.35mm Stronglight (until 1982)** JA Stein, VAR #22/2 & #11, Stronglight

*Campagnolo's C-Record, Croce d'Aune, and Victory crankarms use 22mm left-hand extractor threads on both left and right arms. These cranksets came from factory with 7mm self-extracting bolts installed, so the necessity of this tool is moot if the self-extracting bolts are present. If the bolts are not present, the TL-1170005 tool is necessary for removal.

Keep in mind that the self-extracting bolts themselves are conventional right-hand thread and are tightened and loosened in the usual manner. Only the retaining ring (installed and removed with a pin spanner) which the bolt sits within is left-hand thread to fit in the arms' 22mm holes.

**Pre-1982 Stronglight cranksets use a 23.35mm extractor thread (the male threads on the extractor tools are 23.15mm).

**Later (post-1982) Stronglight cranks were 22mm, and take a standard square-taper extractor (CCP-2, CCP-22).

***There exists an unusual exception to Stronglight's traditional 23.35 standard. A steel, cotterless variant of Stronglight's 50.4 BCD Competition was produced that used 23mm TA threads. These cranks are quite uncommon and are unrelated to the later, aluminum Stronglight cranksets.