1980 NY International Bike Show: Peugeot PY10CP

Only a select few bicycles can lay claim to having been a display model at the prestigious New York International Bicycle Show, much less be a special edition made specifically for the show. This 1979-dated PY10 CP - serial 9.09.2523 - is both, and served as the flagship of the Peugeot brand at the 1980 show, upon a huge backdrop of Bernard Thévenet riding in the Tour de France upon his silver, team-issue PY10.

Originally, the PY10 was exhibited with gold Mafac centerpulls (it is not clear yet whether they were Mafac Competitions or 2000 models), which were later replaced by gold Galli sidepulls at an unknown time. Additionally, due to aluminum failure, the original Simplex SLJ front derailer has been temporarily replaced with a Galli unit, and the Philippe/ATAX stem - originally 100mm - has been replaced with an NOS 110mm piece.

Thanks to Dale Brown of Classic Rendezvous and Cycles de ORO, I have been able to obtain a copy of a 35mm print he took of the bike at the event, back in 1980, as shown below:

1980: 32 years later: