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Mafac cantilever studs...made in Japan?

Though these studs are often said to have been made by Mafac - indeed, they are compatible with Mafac cantilevers - their origins are with Dia-Compe; the Japanese manufacturer best known for its brake calipers.

Legendary framebuilder Frank the Welder has confirmed the Japanese origins of these studs; likewise, we recently came across a Centurion Commuter 5 - made in Japan - fitted with the same Dia-Compe cantilever studs.

Keep in mind that stampings differ depending on production. Some are marked AV/AR, others F/R, and some F/R variants indicate their offset (as shown on the Centurion).

Framebuilder's Tip:

It should be noted that the mounting studs are swaged onto the stamped offset "box" shape, and are therefore vulnerable to becoming loose over time. It is advisable - prior to installation - to drop a bit of brass (or tig weld) around the joint, from the back.