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  1975 Raleigh Sports  

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1975 catalog:

Catalog scan: - /pics/bike/catalogs/

Sizes and colors:

Frame Bronze Green Silver Coffee Sky Blue Lemon Yellow
DL22 21", 23" 19.5", 21", 23" 21", 23" NA 21", 23"
DL22L 19.5", 21", 23" 19.5", 21" 19.5", 21" 19.5", 21" NA

Individual color specifications for AW and S3C coaster-brake models not present for 1975.

Silver and the daring Lemon Yellow are added for the first time to the Sports' color scheme line up this year. Lemon Yellow was dropped by 1977, but silver remained an option as late as 1981 (if not '82). Silver and Lemon Yellow models recieve blue pinstriping.

1975 decals:

Decals remain unchanged from the 1973 and 1974 model years.

Full comparison available in the Visual ID section.

Frame details:

Frames are identical to 1974 and 1976.


Two fittings differ from 1974 models:

First is the the Sturmey-Archer trigger shifter, which gained a black plastic and brushed-aluminum (stick-on) faceplate, and plastic sleeve on the thumb lever. This trigger remained standard until 1982, and also remained the default Sturmey-Archer 3-speed trigger design until Sturmey-Archer's logo revision in 1982/3.

Secondly, the reflectors on the Union-made Raleigh rubberblock pedals gained a half inch in additional width to 2 1/4" (from 1-3/4"); possibly to comply with revised CPSC requirements.

Full details available in our serial chart section.

1975 Sturmey trigger shifter

1975 Sir Walter (Union-made) Raleigh pedals

Serial numbers:

Serial number for all 1975 Sports are located behind the seattube, and follow the pattern of the 1973/4-1982+ serial system pattern.

Full details available in our serial chart section.

1974-1982+ serial location