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  1974 Raleigh Sports  

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1974 catalog:

Catalog scan: - /pics/bike/catalogs/

Sizes and colors:

Frame Bronze Green Platinum Coffee Sky Blue Ivory Glaze
DL22 21", 23" 21", 23" 21", 23" NA NA
DL22 S3C 21" NA NA NA NA
DL22L 19.5", 21", 23" 19.5", 21" 19.5", 21" 19.5", 21" 19.5", 21"
DL22L S3C 19.5" NA NA NA NA

Raleigh's traditional, understated black/gold scheme is deleted from the catalog this year, along with the mens' Ivory Glaze options. 1974 would also be the last year for the Platinum and Ivory Glaze colors. These would be replaced (not necessarily directly) by Silver and Lemon Yellow in 1975.

1974 decals:

Decals remain unchanged from the 1973 models.

Full comparison with 1973 and 1975 models available in the Visual ID section.

Frame details:

1974 sees the very first brazed-on, top-tube brake cable guides replace the traditional steel clips; otherwise, frames remained the same as the 1973 models.


Fittings remain essentially the same as 1973. Raleigh's "Self-Adjusting" brake levers remain standard equipment, and remain so until 1977, when Weinmann alloy levers and Weinmann type 730 calipers ultimately replaced them. Raleigh's patent calipers did recieve one extra facelift in 1976.

Further information for 1973 examples is listed on our Raleigh Sports Fittings & Equipment chart.

Serial numbers:

Serial for all 1974 Sports are located behind the seattube, and follow the pattern of the 1973/4-1982+ serial system pattern.

Full details available in our serial chart section.

1974-1982+ serial location