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The Schwinn Paramount Registry at The Headbadge

The Registry is open to all American-made, steel Paramounts made after 1958, plus 1981-1983 Superiors. For those looking for Tam Pham's registry of 1938-1958 Paramounts, see his site at Chained Revolution.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email us with your name and the serial number of your Paramount or Superior. Please make note if you have a Waterford Provenance Report for your Paramount:

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The bicycles listed here are not for sale.

1981-1984 Waterford PDG Standard/Custom/Elite
1985+ Waterford PDG
1998-2000 Match 853
2009 70th Anniversary
1981-1983 Superior

1959-1979 Paramounts:

Model year Serial # Model Frame size Color/finish Components Owner and ownership history
(w/purchase dates if available)
Picture Additional Notes
1959 B75 P11 ST 23" Black w/first-gen decals Campagnolo Gran Sport/Weinmann 999 "Prop Man" PICTURE Early-'59 w/original first-gen decals. Original finish. Fitted with drop bars; currently being converted back to stock.
1960 D19 P12 23" All-chrome w/red headtube Campagnolo / Weinmann / Stronglight Kevin Kruger PICTURE #1
Mine has a quite unusual red painted headtube, and yes, it is definitely original to the bike. Richard [Schwinn] was surprised to see both a full chrome 1960 P12, plus he said the red painted headtube was very rare indeed.

Attached a few photos of how the bike looked upon purchase. How about that crazy old spiral cable casing wrap! Thank goodness for it as it preserved the original Weinmann gray casing. Had to have the saddle retopped as it was very dried out from lack of attention, resulting in a skirt split that basically left it unable to be ridden.

You won't believe how nice this bike looks now that it is cleaned up. Had very few miles of actual use as evidenced by lack of wear on components and bearing surfaces! Hub locknuts are dated 1959 as well as the cantle plate on the Brooks B17 Competition Standard cantle plate. Headset is standard equipment "AS" stamped model (Campy Record was available as an option along with crankset and seatpost, but sure you already know that).

1960 D91 P12 22" Black w/first-gen decals Nuovo Record/TA Pro 5 Vis/Weinmann L. Solares PICTURE I sold a couple of bikes and this fell on my lap. 1960 Schwinn Paramount, serial # D91. It is on my size so this is a keeper.

I took it to Wastyn Cycles hoping Oscar would let me know if the bike had been made by them but he didn't think so. I did get a cool story of how the pinstriper (I forgot his name right now) would go to the local bar, get a couple of shots of whiskey and go back to the shop to draw this perfect lines.

The decals are original and in great condition. This might have been the last Paramount to leave the factory with those "antique" decals. It was supposedly made for an engineer who used to collaborate with Schwinn. The pinstripes are very nice but very delicate. They have rubbed off in a couple of areas. I might have a hard time cleaning the bike and making the paint shine without damaging the pinstripes.

1961 F52 P12 ST 23" Repainted silver Frameset Sold on eBay NONE Sold on eBay. Fitted with a first-gen Paramount fork crown.
1961 F54 P12 ST 59cm ctt
TT 56.5cm ctc
Radiant Coppertone Campagnolo Gran Sport/Weinmann 999/Rigida AL-1320 rims Kurt Kaminer PICTURE Fitted with fork from 1973 Paramount F73217.
1961 F71 P12 ST 24" All-chrome Campagnolo Gran Sport RD
Record FD
Weinmann 999 brakeset
John Blanchard

Formerly: "Bicycledreamer" (eBay)

PICTURE Statement from seller Bicycledreamer:

"When I purchased this bike most of the original group was gone or what was intact did not do the bike justice. One key part that was intact was the very rare, early domed Campagnolo headset. A couple years ago I came across a near mint - near NOS early '62 Paramount, but it was a very small frame and since this '61 chrome was more deserving the group made its way to this bike. The parts are all correct for a '61 save for the front derailleur and non-lipped second edition Campagnolo crankset."

1961 G78 P12 ST ? Black
Frame VaAu ( member)

James Terburg

PICTURE Campy dropouts, chromed stays and head tube lugs, Nervex lugs and BB shell.

Missing original "G78" fork.

1962 K59 P12 22" All-chrome Campagnolo/Weinmann/Stronglight Lawrence Devereux PICTURE Newly completed restoration on this 1962 P12. Purchased on Ebay. Serial # K59. While speaking with Richard Schwinn about its history and wondering about the chrome finish, apparently this one falls into an area where the records are missing.

In conversation with the Ebay seller, he mentioned that the previous owner said his father rode it through college in New Orleans.

Frame size is 22". The components are the original Gran Sport/Weinmann/Stronglight pieces.

1964 S48 P14 N/A Black w/white pinstripes N/A N/A PICTURE #1
Damaged frame with buckled top and down tubes. Repairable, but known to be in damaged state as of November 2011. Listed as reference for frame history.
1964 U82 P14 ST 51cm ctc
TT 54cm ctc
Radiant Coppertone
(Originality unknown)
Campagnolo Record Pista Ben Cole PICTURE Rear hub dated 1959, front 1963. More here.
1965 Z95 P14 UNK Violet Campagnolo Record Pista w/Super Record brakeset Barton Frankel PICTURE
1966 E640 P13-9 24" Terra Cotta Campagnolo/TA/Weinmann Scott Ryder

R. Deandra

PICTURE Components: Nuovo Record & Rally RD, TA Pro 5 Vis crankset, Schwinn Approved Weinmann (?) centerpull calipers, Brooks Professional, Dugast tubulars and Berthoud stainless steel fenders.
1966 F694 P13-9 ST 63cm
TT 60cm ctc
Radiant Coppertone
Campagnolo/Sugino mix; fixed gear Jimmy Martincak

Bob Merrill(2005-2011)

PICTURE Bob's commentary: Converted to a triple, NR headset, crankset, hubs, FD, calipers & levers, 2nd Gen. Rally RD, Cinelli Bar & Stem. Repainted in 2005.
1966 H634 P13-9 ST 59.9cm
TT 59.5cm ctc
Campagnolo Mark Alan Anderson PICTURE Silver paint, apparently chromed lugs under the paint. I'm not certain why the missing stripes on the seat tube.
1968 B802 P13-9(?) UNK UNK UNK Kurt Kaminer PICTURE FORK ONLY. Repainted a light olive metallic green. Interested in whereabouts of frame. Email us at The Headbadge if you have information.
1969 G926 P13-9 ST 65cm Sierra Brown Campagnolo + Weinmann David Bean PICTURE Prugnat lugs/Campagnolo NR/Weinmann CP brakes, Cinelli steel stem. Bought and sold on Ebay, I rode it for about 5 years and could never decide what to do about the scratched up paint with too-cool-to-lose pinstriping. Originally sold by Lee's Cyclery, Ft. Collins, Colo.
1969 K937 ? UNK Repainted black w/correct decals Campagnolo NR John Pritchard NONE Has all period correct Campy Nuevo Record: Hubs, Brakes, Front and Rear Der., Super Record crankset, original headset and bottom bracket. Frame re-paint in black with period correct decals.
1969 M902 P65-9 UNK Chrome Campagnolo NR Mack Cycle PICTURE NFS. Ladies all-chrome Paramount, built in December 1969 - probably a 1970 model.
M906 P13-9/P10-9 UNK Pearlescent Orange Campagnolo NR Michael Flatley PICTURE This is reported to be a 78' P-10. The story is the first owner had a frame failure with his 78' Pearlescent Orange P-10 and was given this painted frame by the factory and assembled by his dealer.

Second owner put Phil Wood BB precision bearing spindle in. I plan to swap out a few group parts with better quality pieces of the same parts, Bar-con shifters and ride it. I will send more pics when I finish it.

SS # is M906 I am told the factory had a stockpile of frames they used for warranty swap outs thus the 69' SS #. I do believe the paint to be factory. Some of the pictures are from the second owner

1970 A7033 P13-9 UNK Refinished - Kool Lemon Campagnolo throughout John Toner PICTURE I own a 1970 Paramount, sn A7033. I bought the frame and fork, sight unseen, on eBay from the vendor "OldSteelMachines". The frame has been beautifully re-painted in Kool Lemon as well as having been re-chromed. The frame appears to be in very good condition, but the vendor failed to properly prepare it after the re-chroming and re-painting. As a result, it was necessary to ream and face the head, ream the seat tube so the seat post would fit, chase the bottom bracket threads, and drill out the brake bolt holes in the fork and brake bridge. The bike has is full Campy except for Ale toe clips and Universal Super 68 brakes (I may replace them with the Super Recs that are on my Ciocc). The stem is Cinelli as are the Campeon Del Mondo bars. The saddle is a new Brooks Pro. All other hardware are either NOS or VGC vintage. Handlebar tape is vintage Tressostar in red.
1970 B7036 P13-9 22" All-chrome Campagnolo/Weinmann Michael Maher PICTURE I am offering to include my 1970 P-13 Paramount in the registry. Although I have owned it for awhile, it is scheduled to go up for sale on eBay. I wanted to offer it for inclusion while it is still in my ownership. For better or worse, it has never looked nicer than right now (at least since new).

It is #B7036, and is a chrome Prugnat-lugged P-13 model in Schwinn's 22" size. All components are either original or period-correct replacements (although some how it ended up with a "no record" rear hub).

While under my ownership it has been cleaned, polished and any inappropriate parts have been replaced. It looks really nice, but it does have a fair amount of peppering to the chrome, especially on the seat tube.

1970 C7020 P15-9 UNK Repainted gold Assorted Campagnolo/Weinmann mix Bill Battle PICTURE Repainted, CLB rack and braze-ons added. Original paint unknown.
1970 E7009 P13-9 ST 61cm ctt
TT 59cm ctc
All-chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Weinmann 999 Emil Hoogendoorn

Kurt Kaminer

PICTURE P13-9, standard frame according to Provenance Report. Sold by Magnano Cycle in Florida.
1970 K7007 P13-9 UNK Silver Mist Campagnolo NR John Hardt PICTURE SOON Silver mist/red pinstripe & lettering, all Campagnolo NR. All components original & restored except chain, tires, cables & bar tape.
1970 K7010 P15-9 23" Chrome Campagnolo/Weinmann Toby Bell PICTURE Campagnolo, Cinelli, Weinmann, Brooks
1970 K7011 P15-9 62cm Chromed

(Originally Kool Lemon)

Campagnolo Dennis Nappier PICTURE Purchased as a bare metal frame & matching serial number fork only. Original color Kool Lemon, based upon factory overspray on fork tube. I figured out which model it was and began a five year parts gathering. I had the frame chromed because I always wanted a chrome Paramount.

Upgrades: Phil Wood Hubs, Narrow spaced 6 cog freewheel, and early 80's Campy Rally Rear Deraileur.

1970 K7042 P15-9 UNK Kool Lemon Assorted Campagnolo/Suntour mix Joshua Evans PICTURE Mostly Campy NR, but with Suntour barcons and a VGT-Luxe RD, and Gran Sport FD Weinmann center-pulls. CR-18 rims soon to be added.
1970 L7024 P13-9 ST 21" All-chrome Assorted mix, not original David Truett NONE Built as tourist. Non original drive train. Have most correct parts set aside.
1971 C7142 P13-9 ST 24" CTC Flamboyant Red Campagnolo NR Bob Merril PICTURE Won on ebay as a frameset in January 2011. Built up from existing parts for comfort and long rides in a mountainous area. A pleasure to spend the day with!

Pastor Bob's Bicycles: 1971 P13-9

1971 F7120 P13-9 ST ?" Sierra Brown Campagnolo/Weinmann Nick Roth PICTURE None
1971 F7161 P15-9 ST 23" Flamboyant Red N/A John Sparacio NO PICTURE None
1971 F7180 P13-9 ST 25" All-chrome Mix Rob Markwardt PICTURE All components replaced except headset. New components include: TA triple, Shimano Crane derailleur, Suntour barcons, Phil BB and hubs, Nitto bar and stem, and B17. Great riding bike.
1971 H7106 P13-9 ST 21" ctt Kool Lemon w/red lining + decals Campagnolo 53/42 crank, Centaur RD, Dura-Ace FD, Huret DT shifters, Mafac brakes Stan Cooper PICTURE Equipped with tubular rims and tires.
1971 H7114 P15-9 ST 24" All-chrome Campagnolo NR + Campag NR brake conversion Michael Larmer PICTURE This is stamped H 71 14, even though the guy who sold it to me thought it was a '73. He worked at the time in a local bike shop and the original owner .......traded it in on something else! The kid I bought it from said he'd had it for several years but never rode it. I guess it is kind of a parade bike. :)

It appears to my unpracticed eye to be pretty much as sold, with the usual exceptions of tires, tape, possibly chain, etc.

1971 H7184 P13-9 ST 24" All-chrome Campag NR/Dia-Compe mix Chris Conway PICTURE Non-original brakeset + tubular wheelset. C-Record seatpost.
1971 J7119 P13-9 UNK Sunset Orange Campagnolo Nuovo Record Bob Young


PICTURE I am the second owner. I bought it in the summer of 1973 from "Stoney", a fellow racer on the Las Vegas Schwinn race team.

In 1971, Stoney purchased a "full Campy" Raleigh Pro from LVS. On the maiden ride home, a car ran a stop sign and he center-punched it, bending the top and down tubes. The following week he ordered the P13 Paramount frameset you see here. Upon delivery, he transferred all the Raleigh Pro hardware to the Paramount frame, including the Brooks Pro saddle. The front wheel had to be rebuilt and this was done using a Weineman wood-core sew-up compatible rim.

After assembling the bike, he rode it once, on a century, in the Las Vegas/Lake Mead area. The following weekend, racing his Paramount tandem, he felt he was beaten by a team that cheated (by holding on to a vehicle) and he quit racing altogether. Nor did he ever ride the P13 again, hanging it up-side down, from his garage rafters.

And that's how I found it.

The only change made to this bike...made shortly after buying it...was re-lacing the wheels with Martano rims (still sew-up), 3x tie & solder lacing in the rear and radial in the front. Otherwise this bike is completely original (well, except for the orange highlighting and the seat cluster pin-striping.

I have often said she's my most prized possession and I will never part with her.

1971 J7157 P13-9 ST 23" Flamboyant Red Campagnolo Nuovo Record Michael Larmer PICTURE This is J7157; apparently not all original, but nonetheless relatively accurate. Brakes, levers and hoods are newer. It is a 23" frame.
1971 K7159 P14 UNK Repainted teal N/A Current owner UNK

"Oldsteelmachine" a.k.a. "caleb8381" (eBay)

PICTURE Wrecked frame with wrinkles under down and top tubes behind head lugs. Repainted by seller w/non-original paint color and decals.
1971 L7171 P13-9 ST 24" All-chrome Campagnolo NR David Truett NONE Original drive train. Campy brakes and barcons.
1971 M71164 P13-9 NA Flamboyant Red Campagnolo/Weinmann Michael Flatley PICTURE This is a 71' P-10. The story is the original owner lived in Chicago and ordered the bike factory direct (he had a connection). He commuted on the bike for 15-20 years. I am not sure how it got to Washington, I think the second owner brought it out. He rode it as a novelty. SS# is M71164 I am toying with the idea of sending this one to Waterford, but for now it is a nice rider in our crappy weather. It is the most well used in my collection but rides like a dream.
1972 B7238 P15-9 55cm All-chrome Campagnolo/Weinmann Michael Flatley PICTURE I have only had it ten days. It needs some work to make it rideable.
1972 B72181 P15-9 UNK All-chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record Mack Cycle PICTURE NFS. Fitted with non-original Nuovo Record brakeset and other modifications.
1972 C72157

BB #P631

P13-9 ST 59.5cm ctc
TT 58.5cm ctc
All-chrome Campagnolo NR John Haboush

Robert Troy

PICTURE I bought it from the son of the second owner, who said that the original owner owned a bike shop in Milwaukee. Second owner bought it in the early 80s, and had 700c Weinmann concave rims laced to the NR hubs. Brakes, and all other parts, are NR. Bar and stem are original Cinelli.
1972 C72158

BB #P632

P13-9 ST 61.5cm ctt
TT 58cm ctc
All-chrome Campagnolo NR Kip Schoenborn (12/2012+)

Kurt Kaminer

William Green Jr.
(June 2007 - 08/22/2009)

William Green Sr.
(1972 - May 2007)

PICTURE 95% original. Appears to be standard production geometry.

Originally purchased by William Green Sr. from unknown shop in West Palm Beach, FL; order originally placed through Mack Cyclery, Miami, Florida. ALL owners listed.

1972 F72114 P15-9 ST 24" All-chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Weinmann David Wallace
(June 2011+)

Lou Potash
(4/7/1972 - June 2011)

PICTURE This is identical to the bicycle I could not afford when I graduated from Purdue University in 1972 and purchased my first serious bicycle...the best I could afford in 1972 was the Schwinn LeTour at $ 199...which served me very well for nearly 40 years. A former co-worker of mine at RK&K (he is now 89) listed this bike for sale 9 weeks the same price he spent for it on April 7th, 1972.

I have since had the bicycle fully restored by "Chandler" at Race Pace Bicycles on Key Highway, in Baltimore MD...attached is a photo for your records (please crop as you see fit). Chandler used "new original stock" (nos) equipment to the maximum extent possible in this restoration.

1972 H72118 P13-9 ST 59cm ctc All-chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record, Cinelli, Brooks, Nisi 700C wheelset "BlankCrows" at PICTURE Non-custom frame. Originally sold by Sutter Cyclery in Yuba City, CA. Formerly a wreck wearing Varsity wheels. Rebuilt and wears a new decal set. Photo shows bike in front of former Sutter Cyclery location.
1972 H72152 P13-9 23" Opaque Green Campagnolo NR Ken Hart PICTURE From provenance report: "P13 Deluxe Road frameset...sold to Mulrooney, Inc., a southern California chain of Schwinn dealers. It was built in August 1972 and shipped August 18th. We custom geometry for this frame."
1972 H72184 P15-9 ? All-chrome Campagnolo/Weinmann Lawrence Devereux PICTURE My bike currently, bought from the original owner, who got it from Severson's Bike Shop. All chrome P15-9, have the provenance report.
1972 H72266 P13-9 ST 24" All-chrome Campagnolo NR Marc Zisook PICTURE "It has new decals from Waterford installed recently by George Garner Schwinn in Northbrook, IL. I also had them install the correct Schwinn black cloth handlebar tape, the Brooks seat, the Campy brake hoods and the Campy handle bar caps. The chrome is in excellent conditon."
1972 J7264 P13-9 ST 25" Kool Lemon Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 Mark Parker

Lynn Travers

PICTURE PAT 72 on RD, no date on the crankset. Cinelli old logo stem and Giro d'Italia bars. Weinmann lever have had the turkey wings removed. Flat skewer on the front wheel, bolt on replacement wheel on the rear.
1972 J7294 P13-9 22" Chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record Barton Frankel PICTURE
1972 J72143 P15-9 24" Kool Orange Campagnolo / Weinmann Jim Snell

Bill Mullin

PICTURE The two matching 1972 P-15s (J72143 and J72184) were bought by me in September of 1995 from the original owner. I have an excellent document trail on these two bikes. The smaller one (J72184) was for his wife and she rode it one time. It is new.

My Kool Orange 1972 (J72143) is my pride and joy. I paid the asking price of $250.00 for everything. It included the tool bags and tools, some extra very rare OEM Campy service tools, the matching pair of two Schwinn hard-bound service manuals. Also every piece of documentation and a letter signed by Ignaz Schwinn III.

1972 J72184 P15-9 22" Kool Orange Campagnolo / Weinmann Jim Snell

Bill Mullin

PICTURE The two matching 1972 P-15s (J72143 and J72184) were bought by me in September of 1995 from the original owner. I have an excellent document trail on these two bikes. The smaller one (J72184) was for his wife and she rode it one time. It is new.

I paid the asking price of $250.00 for everything. It included the tool bags and tools, some extra very rare OEM Campy service tools, the matching pair of two Schwinn hard-bound service manuals. Also every piece of documentation and a letter signed by Ignaz Schwinn III.

1972 K7210 P13-9 ST 25" Flamboyant Red Campagnolo NR John Blanchard PICTURE Purchased on eBay.
1972 K7226 P13-9 ST 23" Kool Yellow NA Mark Alan Anderson PICTURE History: Tough to say. I traded for this about a month ago from a fellow in St. Louis. He, in turn, purchased it from someone here in Kansas City a couple of months earlier. Additional Notes: I am confident in my belief that this is probably the original HS and BB, both of which seem to function just fine. Cosmetically, the chrome of the HS is in pretty bad condition. Much of the chrome on the frame lugs is in average condition also and there are many scratches and missing patches of paint on the frame - enough so that I am contemplating a re-spray, something I very seldom do. The craftsmanship of the lugwork is fairly crude in places and not up to the standards I've seen in most other Paramounts - filing and thinning seems pretty journeyman, if you ask me.
1972 K72313 P15-9 UNK Burgundy Campagnolo/Weinmann Aris Gerakis PICTURE
1972 K72331 P13-9 UNK UNK UNK John Proch

Kurt Kaminer
PICTURE FORK ONLY - Purchased on eBay. Appears to be for 61/2cm frame. First three threads buggered a bit - needs to be threaded down slightly.
1972 K72335 P15-9 24" All-chrome Campagnolo NR / Weinmann 999 Nick Ozerov

Formerly: Bill Kloos

1972 L7266 P15-9 ST 24" All-chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record / Rally David Laird PICTURE I bought the bike so I could ride it, so I'm updating it to make it more suitable for me (new 700C wheels, Weinmann centerpulls to provide longer reach for the 700C wheels, Stronglight 99 crank to allow for smaller inner chainring, etc.). I'm saving the original wheels, and all parts (except cables, etc.) which were originally installed on the bike in case I want to restore it to a museum piece. The photos show the bike as it came originally plus bags, rack, etc.
1972 L7290 P13-9 ST 21" Flamboyant Red Campagnolo, Cinelli, Unica-Nitor, Weinmann 999 Pete Rutledge PICTURE Purchased on eBay. Refinished by owner.
1972 L72202 P13-9 ST 24" Repainted burgundy metallic, original unk. N/A Last known owner, David Truett; sold on eBay.
Resold on eBay once again following previous sale.
NONE Bought as bare frame on ebay, sold as bare frame on ebay. Refinished, original color unknown. Had added braze ons and bottle mounts.
1972 L72294 P13-9 ST 25" All-chrome Campagnolo / Weinmann Present owner UNK

Formerly: (2005-2012)
J. Jasunas (1973-2005)

PICTURE Original NR components, Cinelli, and Weinmann brakes, and mavic tubular rims. Purchased by me from original owner J. Jasunas who purchased it from Lake Shore Cycle Shop, Chicago Il. Purchased Sept, 1973, I have the original receipt. I purchased it 2005. It now has Mavic open sport 700c rims and DT Swiss spokes.
1972 L72309 P13-9 ST 23" Flamboyant Red
w/custom pinstriping added
Campagnolo NR when built Paul Harwood PICTURE #1
1950's-style pinstriping added to entire frameset. Previously built with full Campagnolo NR.
1972 L72325 P13-9 ST 62cm ctc
TT 59.5cm ctc
Opaque Blue Campagnolo NR, Weinmann center-pull brakes Reid Fisher PICTURE Appears to be mostly original with exception to saddle, tires, and some other small fittings. Weinmann brakes, complete with suicide levers - odd for a post-'71 P13-9, but present nevertheless.
1972 L72358 P15-9 ST 25" All-chrome Assorted mix, not original David Truett NONE Non original drive train, built from bare frame. Have correct parts set aside.
1972 M72185 P13-9 22" Sunset Orange Campagnolo Nuovo Record Barton Frankel PICTURE
1972 M72199 P15-9 64cm All-chrome Campagnolo NR, Weinmann center-pull brakes Alan Lloyd PICTURE Anonymously donated to the bike co-op,, I volunteer at earlier this year. Appears to be complete except for the wheels, the co-op already had a period-correct set we have installed - at present with a 6-speed rear cassette and cheap/generic tyres. I've put a new set of Waterford-sourced decals on the frame.
1972 M72274 P15-9 ST 61cm ctt
TT 59cm ctc
All-chrome Campagnolo NR, Weinmann center-pull brakes Stan Cooper PICTURE Original except for 700c clincher rims, Berthoud stainless fenders and Campagnolo Record long cage RD.
1973 A7340 P13-9 22" Sierra Brown Campagnolo/Weinmann Gary Davis PICTURE It has campy strada cranks record hubs. Giro d'taila bars. Suntour bar end shifters an Weinman brakes and rims. And the wierd thing is the campy rally rear der. I will send more pics.
1973 B7393 P10-9 UNK All-chrome Dura-Ace AX w/Superbe RD Mack Cycle PICTURE NFS. Fitted with an eclectic build of Dura-Ace AX.
1973 B73196 P14 ST 22" Kool Lemon N/A John Sparacio NO PICTURE None
1973 B73274 P15-9 ST 24" Silver Mist Campagnolo / Suntour Superbe / Weinmann Stephen Pool PICTURE Period Campagnolo group and hubs. Nervex lugs. Cinelli handlebars. Superbe brakes. Suntour shifters. Weinmann rims. Need--seat post/saddle.
1973 B73292 P14 ST 23" Opaque Blue Campagnolo Record Pista mix John V. Provetero PICTURE Campy Record Pista 151 bcd cranks, 165 length. It had a 44T Sugino chainwheel, changed to a campy 50t 1/8" chainwheel. Cinelli old shield alloy track drops, 38cm; Ambrosia 10cm stem, Campy 2bolt NR seatpost, Campy highflange track hubs, drilliumed (factory?), Mavic tubular rims, Campy bottom bracket and headset.
1973 C73129 P14 ST 22" Silver Campagnolo Record Pista Ryan Dzielak PICTURE "All original w/Vittoria sew ups, Campy high flange track hubs and Campy pista crankset/pedals. Cinelli track stem and bars and supercorsa saddle. Even has the old faded cloth bar tape. Bought from orig owner!"
1973 C73196 P13 ST 62cm Black Campagnolo Record/Weinmann 999 Jim Van Orsdol

Robert Allen

PICTURE "I believe the bike to be original in all aspects. I hope that the purists will excuse my temporary replacement of Cinelli drop bars and Campy brake levers while I ease the pressure of a neck injury."
1973 D7341 P10-9 24" Silver Campagnolo Nuovo Record Jim Snell PICTURE My 1973 P-13 was acquired at a garage sale on Navaho Drive in West Lafayette Indiana in the summer of 1998 for the huge sum of $350.00. It was leaning against a tree in the front yard. I could hardly control myself when asking if the bike was for sale.. The guy said; "Do you know what that is? I replied that I knew it was a Schwinn racing bike. He said he had purchased it new and only rode it a few times. He said it would take "some serious money" to buy it. I asked him how much and he said "$350.00 not negotiable" I flipped out the cash and loaded in into my van before he got the chance to change his mind. The same year ebay really took off. My last great "pre-ebay" yard sale find! But I forgot to get his name and I don't remember the name of the shop he said he bought the bike from. I do remember he said he ordered it and waited a long time for it. He told me he paid $350.00 new and that was his justification for his asking price of same.

The silver 1973 has became my favorite rider and I put 1000 miles on it in the summer/fall of 2011. Going to slack off of it next summer and ride my vintage all Campy Cannondale. (I really like these Paramounts but they are so pristine originals I feel guilty riding them and also would be very sad if I scratched, crashed, or had one stolen from me... So, am kind of between a rock and a hard place..

1973 D73234 P15-9 ST 25" Opaque Blue Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 David Truett NONE Original drive train. Schwinn Approved barcons, Weinmann brakes. Original paint.
1973 D73335 P13-9 ST 54cm Silver Mist Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 W. Vinciguerra PICTURE As found hanging in a garage. All original except tires.
1973 E73269 P13-9 ST 24" Sunset Orange Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 Mark Winkelman PICTURE Original low-mile survivor with original paint (complete bike), purchased from the second owner, all original Campagnolo components.
1973 F73217 P10 23" Refinished black; was all-chrome Campagnolo Nuovo Record Jim Nusbaum PICTURE This '73 Paramount started life as an all chrome bike but evidently the chrome was in very bad shape as the previous owner had it powder coated all black except for the rear dropouts and head tube lugs. The fork is unfortunately not original but is a Bianchi fork with chrome dropouts. I am on the lookout for an appropriately sized fork with the Nervex crown. See more of this bike at

See below for F73217's fork entry

1973 F73217 P10 23" All-chrome (damaged finish) N/A Kurt Kaminer PICTURE Fork only - see P12 #F54.

Purchased from CR member for frame #F54. All-chrome finish, which shows signs of a bad polish job with abrasives; likely the explanation for F73217's black repaint (see above).

1973 G7303 P60 ST 51cm ctc
VTT 55cm ctc
Black Campagnolo NR/LeTour GT300 RD/Weinmann 999 eBay: Snyggla PICTURE Original paint, eyelets for fenders.
1973 G7360 P15-9 ST 54cm Sunset Orange Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 W. Vinciguerra PICTURE Has original components.
1973 H73344 P13-9 ST 60cm ctc
TT 58cm ctc
Sunset Orange (refinished)

Opaque Blue (refinished)

Original color unknown, presumed Opaque Blue

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Glenn Camus

Sky Bower, Velo Cult Bicycles (sold on eBay)





PICTURE #5 (restored)

Repainted - presumably by Schwinn - between 1975/6 and 1979. Unusual right-to-center-to-left braze-ons added under top tube for rear brake cable. Odd yellowing over finish.

From Glenn: I am only lacking a few items to have a "rolling chassis." Looking for a set of era correct Weinman wood filled tubular rims, but may settle for some Mavic or Fiamme clinchers instead. Almost ready for paint and decals. I plan on riding this bike on Sundays.

1973 H73389 P13-9 ST 25" Black Campagnolo NR eBay: Brecktex PICTURE Purchased from original owner in 1999. Original components.
1973 J73256 P14 UNK White Campagnolo Record Pista Barton Frankel PICTURE My white paramount track bike from Jackie Sims; I need to get him to sign the top tube.
1973 K7321 P13-9 24" Originally Opaque Blue

Repainted teal

Currently stripped

N/A Michael Gimenez

Brian Campbell

Kurt Kaminer

Rusty Nicovich

1973 K7365 P13-9 24" Kool Yellow Campagnolo NR Nick Ozerov

Formerly: Charles C. (eBay)

1973 L7301 P14 ST 51cm ctt
TT 53cm ctc
Sunset Orange Campagnolo Record Pista + mix eBay seller Harryschwartzman PICTURE Curious seat tube mast with seperated rings and Olympic rings. Has original paint and decals. Original Schwinn rim at rear, Fiamme at front.
1973 L73117 P13-9 UNK Repainted at least twice.
Most recent, orange; prior, black.
N/A eBay seller Oldsteelmachine a.k.a. caleb8381 PICTURE
FORK ONLY - presently mounted to L73611, frame specs and whereabouts unknown. See L73611's entry.
1973 L73239 P65-9 UNK Opaque Blue Campagnolo NR/Le Tour RD Chris Arocha PICTURE Purchased in a state of prolonged neglect via a classified ad. Rear rim is a Schwinn S-6 that was restrung to the original hub, and the controls were replaced with steel bars, stem, & shifters, presumably early in the bike's lifetime.

Currently, the only P60/P65 ladies' frame Paramount known to exist with a factory curved top tube.

1973 L73254 P60-9 UNK White Campagnolo Record / Weinmann 999 Formerly:
Kevin Kruger
PICTURE I sold this bike earlier this year (2011) on eBay. 1973 P60 with serial #73254. It was dealer-modified upon original purchase with upright bars/stem/saddle borrowed from a Schwinn Suburban. From what I was told, this is the first year that the ladies frame was reintroduced after being previously discontinued. I possibly could have originally sold this bike as I worked at the shop it was sold at in my early teens.
1973 L73611 P13-9 ST 62cm CTT Repainted at least twice.
Most recent, orange; prior, black.
N/A Nick Ozerov

Formerly: eBay seller Oldsteelmachine a.k.a. caleb8381

PICTURE Highly modified P13 w/fork from P13-9 L73117. Modified with short drops, new rear triangle with fastback seat cluster, rear eyelets only, plus other extensive modifications. Originally sold on eBay (with modifications) in poor condition w/black finish. Refinished to orange by eBay seller caleb8381/oldsteelmachine, purchased by Nick Ozerov.
1974 A74149 P10-9 ST 23" Sierra Brown Campagnolo NR Roger Henning PICTURE I am the second owner of this bike and bought it from the man who ordered it new. He has since passed on. It has a Campy brake option and price new was $495 + $30 for the brakes or $525 for the bike new. -Roger
1974 A74150 P15-9 ST 24" Black Originally Campagnolo/Weinmann Mark Winkelman PICTURE Original low-mile survivor with original paint (complete bike), purchased from the original owner, all original Campagnolo components. Campy brakes and the Rally rear derailleur were added. (Original stuff in a plastic bag).
1974 B7425 P13-9 NA All-chrome Campagnolo NR Michael Flatley PICTURE This is a 74' P-13 I purchased in Portland Oregon. I am the Third owner. The first owner dropped all the Campy and replaced it with Dura Ace. The second owner took it back to what he believe to be 100% original.
1974 D7422 P10-9 21" White Campagnolo/Weinmann Brian McCall NO PICTURE Order # 82853 Sold to: Bushy's Bike Shop.

I do have a provenance report from Waterford.

When I purchased this bike it was equipped with Weinmann centerpull brakes, Campagnolo deraileurs, seatpost, headset,and hubs. It was equipped with tubular tires and regina freewheel and chain. I believe all these things are original to the bike.

1974 D74155 P13-9 24" Silver Campagnolo Nuovo Record Charles Krieger NO PICTURE I have two sets of wheels, hubs and clusters. One set is for sewups/tubulars the other is for clinchers. Paint (Silver) is in very good condition, some damage to the decals on the down tube. I have the original Cinelli tire pump, a set of spare parts, some of the campy tools. I purchased the bike from a neighbor that owned a Schwinn Shop in Southern California (Redondo Beach if I recall correctly). He rode it for a few months and felt the frame was too big for him, so since I am 6’2” I tried it out and bought it in late 1974.
1974 E74218 P13-9 22" White Campagnolo Nuovo Record Barton Frankel PICTURE
1974 E74264 P13-9 ST 22" Chestnut N/A John Sparacio NO PICTURE None
1974 E74321 P14-9 ST 22" Dark Metallic Red
Campagnolo Record Pista Jack Stanley PICTURE I bought this bike used in Raleigh, NC, in 1984 or '85. The seat tube top is about 22" from crank center. It was sold as a 1977, but I believe the serial number indicates it's a 1974. I added the {Weinmann} front brake (the fork was already drilled for it) and replaced the original rims with Campagnolo Victory Crono rims. The hubs and crankset are Campagnolo Pista, The pedals {road}, seatpost and headset are Campagnolo Record. The bars are Cinelli. The stem is alloy, not steel, and I can see "MMEmadeinItaly" stamped on it, but no maker mark as far as I can tell. So, this bike is essentially "All Campy" although not strictly vintage. The bike, although a track bike, is an amazingly smooth ride.
1974 F74136 P14 UNK White Campagnolo Record Pista Jim Ruggieri PICTURE All white with chrome rear stays and fork legs. Purchased from original owner in August of '08. 95% original, Campy SL pedals, Cinelli track bars with Cinelli stem. OEM drilled fork, Fiamme red label rims.
1974 G74127 P14 ST 21" Opaque Red N/A John Sparacio NO PICTURE None
1974 K7413 P14 62cm Opaque Red
(original color, refinished)
Campagnolo mix Jimmy Martincak PICTURE Purchased in 2012, refinished to original Opaque Red with clearcoat.
1974 L7403 P60 ST 19" White Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 eBay: Wheelsbikeinc PICTURE Original paint.
1975 D7563 P15-9 ST 52cm Black Campagnolo NR/Weinmann 999 W. Vinciguerra PICTURE Original components, repaint.
1975 F7538 P13-9 ? White

Repainted white pearl

Nuovo Record R. Baisa PRE–REPAINT


Decals backdated to pre-1975 set.
1975 K7536 P14 ST 55cm (ctc)
TT 56 (ctc)
Opaque Red Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista Jack Gabus PICTURE It was purchased from a messenger in Portland so you can imagine the patina is something else. Debating whether to restore or not.
1975 K7557 P14 ST 21" Flamboyant Red Campagnolo, Cinelli, Unicanitor Pete Rutledge PICTURE Purchased near Trexlertown, PA. Refinished by owner. Spokes tied & soldered.
1975 L7502 P10-9 (?) ST 23" Black Campagnolo + Shimano sidepulls, w/triplizer & Rally RD eBay: "markmwqpd11" PICTURE Presumably a P10-9.

"This was my fathers bicycle that he bought brand new and loved to ride. He as not ridden it since the 1980's and he is no longer around. I don't know if the bike has the original components on it, or if my father upgraded them. He was very much into biking in the 1970's. Bike has been hanging in the garage."

1976 E7606 P10-9 UNK
Chestnut Campagnolo Michael Anderson NO PICTURE It ihas Chestnut color original paint and is in very good condition. All the Campagnolo components are also original to this bicycle. The frame is 52cm and has a Brooks B72 black saddle.
1976 H7644 P14 UNK
Silver Mist Campagnolo Record Pista Mack Cycle PICTURE NFS. Occasionally on display for special events. Drilled, high-flange Record hubs.
1976 L7611 P14 ST 19-1/4" ctt
Originally Silver Mist Campagnolo Record Pista Mike de Estrada PICTURE Repainted, originally silver, Campagnolo Record Pista Gruppo with 151 BCD cranks, changed Cinelli steel track bars and stem with aluminum, pedals are Shimano Dura Ace Look, Turbo saddle (originally Unicanitor), American Classic seatpost. Original and only owner, raced it for 30 years and now still ride it casually (currently race a Bianchi Pista Concept).
1977 E7747 P10-9 ST 23" Black N/A John Sparacio NO PICTURE None
1978 C7809 P13-9 ST 24"
Black Campagnolo NR John Blanchard PICTURE CL purchase from original owner. RD and cranks dated 1974, one dent in top tube. Drilled, high-flange Record hubs.
1978 E7824 P13-9 ST 23"
Campus Green Campagnolo Nuovo Record Michael Flatley

Formerly: Dane Rowton

PICTURE This bike was bought from the original owner December 2011. Campus Green was not one of the 11 standard color options for a 1978 Paramount P13. The original owner installed Campagnolo Gran Sport components. All of the components have been changed to Campagnolo Nuovo Record. The wheels are 700C Campagnolo Strada with high flange Campagnolo Nuovo Record hubs and double butted spokes.

According to the provenance report dated April 30, 2012, it was ordered as a Campus Green 23” frameset. Serial No. E7824 was built and shipped in May 1978 to Jerry’s Schwinn Cyclery in Coon Rapids, MN.

1978 F7707 P14 ST 24"
Black N/A Bill Gillooly PICTURE Purchased from Kopp's Cycle in Princeton NJ by a college student road racer with an interest in racing track. Unfortunately college graduation, a career and family got in the way and the bike was probably ridden less than 10 times at Trexlertown Veledrome.

Originally it came with a full Campy pista gruppo, headset, seatpost (26.8mm), cranks (165mm), chainring (46t), bottom-bracket, pedals (chrome-steel), high-flange hubs (with Schwinn counterdrilling) and cog (14t). Oddly enough, it came with a Campy Strada (road) headset. It came with a Cinelli steel pista bars and stem and a Unicanitor saddle. It came with a Schwinn seatpost clamp bolt, not a Campy. The bike also had a spare 50t Campy pista chainring and a 16t Campy track cog. I lost track of what the original rims were, I think they had lost their decals anyway.

The bike was parted out during the summer of 2012 with the frame being purchased by a rider in Brooklyn, NY.

1978 G7811 P13-9 ST 24"
Black Early Campagnolo SR James M. Houda PICTURE Bought new while working for Schwinn, all reciepts.
1979 F7913 P15-9 N/A
Strawberry Red Campagnolo NR Michael Flatley PICTURE Bought locally in Tacoma Washington. Said to have been sold to a local prominent family that bought Paramounts for all their kids. This belonged to a girl (tall) and appears to be hardly ridden, all original (except maybe tires) and I am the 3rd owner having bought it from a friend of that family member.

1981-1984 Waterford Standard/Custom/Elite PDG Paramounts:

Model year Serial # Model Tubing Frame size Color/finish Components Owner(s) Picture Additional Notes
1982 T5B8210 Elite Road Reynolds 531 ST 22" ctt
Dark Blue Metallic Campagnolo NR derailers/Weinmann sidepull brakeset Chris Conway PICTURE Cinelli handlebars, Weinmann brakes, Avocet saddle.
1983 F8337 Standard Columbus SL ST 60cm
TT 57cm
Black Metallic Shimano 105 Bob Merrill PICTURE NR headset & seatpost, 9 speed Campagnolo Mirage crankset, Centaur RD & calipers, Phil Wood hubs, Shimano Sora FD & Brifters, Nitto Bar & Stem. Finished with rainbow decal set used only in '83-84.

Pastor Bob's Bicycles: 1983 Paramount

1984 F8471 Standard Columbus SL ST 58cm ctc
TT 56cm ctc
Blue Metallic Suntour mix Michael Larmer

Joe Englert

PICTURE Mix of Suntour Superbe Pro with Shimano brake levers and Suntour XC derailers.
1984 I8496 600 D UNK Columbus SP or SL (has incorrect SLX decal) ST 24" Red N/A Patrick Murphy PICTURE Stronglight A9 headset, red finish possibly a repaint.

1985+ Waterford PDG Paramounts:

Model year Serial # Tubing Frame size Color/finish Components Owner(s) Picture Additional Notes
1988 600DWK 88079 Columbus SL (SLX?) ? Lilac Suntour Superbe (Fixed conversion) Matt Pendergast PICTURE Purchased used in 1998 the bike was originally equipped with a Suntour Superbe group. Currently it is set up as a fixed gear for commuting and long distance road riding. The only original parts still used on the bike are the crankset, seatpost, and brake levers.
1989 60EMWJ 89192 Columbus SL (SLX?) 59cm CTC Emerald Black

(Waterford repaint)

Campagnolo Athena Mark Anderson PICTURE This is an excellent rider - one of my favorites: it gets in plenty of miles on a regular basis. The frame sticker says it is SLX, but I recall reading in the literature that 60cm and above got SL tubing... sooooo... who knows? Wrong decal after the repaint? Possibly. All I know is that it rides very well in a cross wind. The 80mm stem is really too short for me and this bike size. It's pretty, and it's the one that was installed when the bike came to me, but I am actively looking for a 100 or 110 to replace it. Overall condition of the bike is excellent. There is some very slight distress to the top tube decal and there were two tiny chips in the paint which I have since touched up with the paint Waterford sent to me.
1991 610EMW M91133 True Temper OS 61cm Red/White Campagnolo Athena Michael Webster PICTURE This is and has been for 21 years my old friend. Almost all of the componentry is late 90s era Shimano Ultegra. I recently laced new new rims onto the wheels (HED. Belgium). After all this time I also plan to have the frame repainted this winter, but I'm still deciding on the color, so I'll need to get a new decal set.

60th Anniversary Paramounts:

1998-2000 - Match Cycle, all Reynolds 853:

Year Serial # Frame size Color/finish Components Owner(s) Picture Additional Notes
1998(?) 00307 ST 54cm ctc Silver Huret/Campagnolo/Simplex/Mafac "Chris_in_Miami" ( user)

Kurt Kaminer

Will Vietti

PICTURE Work in progress. Missing original fork; built with Prolouge aluminum 700C fork. Component group is not original.
1999 00551 58cm Silver (repainted) Mix Joseph Tynan NONE I'm the 2nd owner, I purchased it from the original owner, who had raced it up through 2004. I purchased it in 2009. The original fork was damaged in a race, and was rebuilt by Curt Goodrich (one of the original framebuilders of match) in 2003. Custom silver paint job by Acme Pain, with white headtubet. I got it as a frameset + original 7410 crankset.

Stats: 58cm size, Original DA headset & original crank. Original 7700 DA brakes.

Upgrades: DA 7800 RD, DA 7800 FD, DA 7800 brifters, custom built wheelset (H+son with White Industries hubs).

70th Anniversary Paramounts:

2009 - Waterford, all Reynolds 953:

Year Serial # Frame size Fork Color/finish Components Owner(s) Picture Order/Build Additional Notes

1981-1983 Superiors:

Model year Serial # Frame size Color/finish Components Owner(s) Picture Additional Notes
1982 Frame: 15022

Headbadge: 0812

? ? ? Jay Blankenbiller NO PICTURE N/A
1982 Frame: 20512 21" Pearl Orange Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport David Edmonds

Brad Sasher

PICTURE Purchased as a bare frame/fork. It will be repainted/ and re-decaled by spring. I've been collecting NOS to excellent condition GS components for it's rebuild. When compete I hope to make it look as much as possible like it did the day it was purchased, then it will be my daily rider.
1982 Frame: 20609

Headbadge: 1232

ST 60cm ctt
TT 56cm ctc
Pearl Orange Campagnolo Super Record/New Gran Compe 450 Victor Bale

Kurt Kaminer

Brad Sasher

PICTURE Component groupset is not original.
1982 Frame: 20620

Headbadge: 1372

ST 60cm ctt
TT 56cm ctc
Pearl Orange Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport Kelly Norton PICTURE Original Campagnolo groupset w/replacement Nuovo Record RD. Missing original "Superior" top-tube decal ("Campagnolo Equipped" sticker added post-factory).
1982 Frame: 21057

Headbadge: Replaced

ST 60cm ctt
TT 56cm ctc
Simplex / CLB2 french mix Kurt Kaminer PICTURE Faux French build with mainly French and a smattering of Italian components. Frame has reminants of Waterford-era Paramount decal on seat tube, but the decal does not appear to be genuine. Supposedly repainted in a 1980's Porsche color called "Winesap."