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Raleigh Sports DL-22: Visual ID/Decal Identification

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193x(?)-1957: "Sports Light Roadster" Model 22
1958-1982: "Sports" Model 22/DL-22

193x(?)-1957: "Sports Light Roadster" Model 22

Downtube decals change to yellow-lined "RALEIGH SPORTS" block lettering, seattube decal is reduced to "The ALL-STEEL Bicycle."


Diamond-shaped "Raleigh Industries 2030 Tubing" decal added; "The ALL-STEEL Bicycle" lettering moved below it. Otherwise, same as previous.

The decals of the 1954 Sports can be easily confused with the all-gold, 1966-1972/3 Raleigh Sports S22 spartan models, which virtually reissued this very decal set (subsituting the 2030 tubing decal for the 1958 "Genuine English Lightweight" crest decal.


Frame lug pattern revised. Otherwise, same as 1954 previous.

1958-1982: "Sports" DL-22


Mostly unchanged from previous variant, save for new "HIGH TENSILE steel TUBING" decal on seattube, "Genuine English Lightweight" crest below, and under that, "The ALL-STEEL Bicycle."


White accents added to headtube, down and top tubes, and fork blades (under heron badge). "SPORTS" added vertically on seattube, flanked with two, thin, yellow seattube bands on top and bottom. New block-letter, angular font with bold serifs replace the original downtube and chainguard logos.


Seattube bands and all white accents deleted, tubing decal moved upwards on seat tube to make room for optional "DELUXE MODEL" decal (not on all models, obviously).


Pinstriping is added to the fork blades and top tube.

Downtube decals revert to the "RALEIGH SPORTS" font of the early 1950's, while the seattube model name is replaced with four foil bands surrounding a decal variant of the Raleigh heron headtube badge.

"Sports DeLuxe" decal is dropped entirely.


Downtube and chainguard receive additional pinstriping; two of the foil seat band stickers are omitted.

Chainguard decal is revised to match the current, italicized Raleigh logo (with no outlining - solid mustard yellow/gold), while the downtube receives the model name; a chunky, serifed font is used for this purpose.

Tubing decal is revised with a diamond-shaped logo proclaiming the 20-30 steel blend.


All decals are revised - downtube and chainguard decals are revised with Raleigh's sans-serif and italicized block letter logo (with black center pinstripe).

Raleigh heron logos on fork blades and seattube are replaced with Rampar (Ralpar in UK) "R" decals. Tubing decal is revised to a grey and gold rectangular transfer, fork blade pinstriping deleted.

Chainguard now reads model name.


Identical to 1973; brazed-on top tube cable guides become standard.


1977 models recieve a new chainguard design and CPSC-mandated front reflector mounted to what was previously the Heron light bracket (not shown), along with enlarged "coffin" rear reflector (not shown).

Pump peg omitted from frame.


Secondary colors are added (on US variants) to the headtube and a panel on the seattube, white tip on rear fender deleted.

Top tube "Made In England" transfer becomes a peel-and-stick decal that includes the TI industries logo.