Raleigh Decal Guide: 1960-1982

This guide is for U.S.-market bikes, unless indicated.

For a complete list of all Raleigh Sports decal variants from 1945 through 1982, see our Raleigh Sports Visual Identification page.

As there has been much confusion over Raleigh decal schemes, I devised this relatively chart to explain the majority of differences between Raleigh's various decal transfers throughout the 1960-1982 period. Please bear in mind decals alone cannot date a bike. You can close in on the proper era, but rarely can you pin-point a specific year without examining our serial chart, or one of our other Raleigh resources.

This list remains a work in progress. Some decals are not shown at this time, and some information may need further clarification. Please read carefully, and always double check with frame details and hub dates, if available.

1966-1972, upright-bar (excludes some models)

Most 1966 upright-bar models are given new, chunky, serifed downtube lettering. Unlike previous years, most models now feature their respective model name on the downtube, as listed below (list may be incomplete):

Superbe (same as 1965; revised in 1971)
Sprite 27 (1970-1972 only)
Space Rider
Winkie (tricycle)

Models excluded from the new decal set included DL-1/Tourist - which used the earlier "Raleigh" block letters of 1960 until 1972 - and the first-generation Sprite 5-speeds (both derailer and Sturmey S5 models) until 1969. The pre-'69 Sprites used a stylized "5 SPEED" logo on the downtube - as shown at right - and "Sprite" lettering on the top tube. Raleigh Twenty models also featured their own "Twenty" lettering, along with the LTD-3 and LTD-SC. RSW's, though not shown, imitated the Twenty font. Additionally, the Raleigh Chopper, Fireball, and Rodeo models utilized completely different decal sets stylized to each respective model.

Most models used the chainguard decal shown at top left, though the Sprite used the variant shown below, which was lifted from earlier road models such as the Grand Sport. This lettering was later used as a downtube logo on the Raleigh Sprite.

1971/2 Superbe decal image courtesy "wahoonc" - Bikeforums.net
Sports decal image courtesy "ColonelJLloyd" - Bikeforums.net
Chainguard decal image courtesy "gbalke" - Bikeforums.net
Raleigh Sprite (1966-1970) decal images courtesy Steve Brengosz

Downtube decals (model names):

Sports decal

Superbe decal, 1965-1970

Superbe decal, 1971-1972

Sprite downtube decal, used 1966-1970 only

Sprite 27 decal, used 1971-1972 only

LTD-3 downtube decal

Twenty main tube decal

Top tube decals:

Raleigh Sprite, used '66-70 only

Chainguard decals:

Used on Twenty, Sports, Superbe, LTD, and possibly some DL-1s

Used only on Raleigh Sprite as chainguard decal until 1970

1969-1972, road frames only

Road/drop-bar frames wore completely different decal kits than the rest of the Raleigh lineup. All used an understated cursive script font on the downtube, with exception to the Record, which utilized the same decal format from the early 1960's road frames. The cursive "Raleigh" lettering is the most definite method of seperating all 1972 and earlier models from 1973 examples.

This downtube lettering was used only on the following models:

Professional (1969 + Mk II, Mk III, and 1972 Mk. IV only)
Grand Sports (a.k.a. Gran Sport)
Super Course
Grand Prix
Grand Prix 24

Said cursive lettering carried over to the top tube model name decals on the Competition, Grand Sports, and Professional models; a completely different font with a line through the back of the text is used on the Sprite, Record, Grand Prix, and Super Course. The Internationals use yet a different red decal; rectangular in shape and curved at the ends.

The spear-type lettering was also utilized for the downtube font on the Record.

1969 Professional top tube decal image courtesy Peter Kohler
Raleigh, Grand Sports, and International decal images courtesy Neal Lerner
Super Course decal images courtesy "cb400bill" - Bikeforums.net
Record and Grand Prix decal images courtesy "Sailorbenjamin" - Bikeforums.net
Spear Raleigh downtube logo courtesy Steve Brengosz

Downtube decal:

1969-1972 downtube decal, standardized throughout the models listed at left

1969-1972 cursive downtube decal, Record ONLY

Model names:

Example is faded; font is gold

Fork blades:

Left: All non-531 frames.
Center: Super Course only (until 1972).
Right: All 531 frames excluding Super Course.

1973-1982, upright bar; 1973-1976 road

1973 saw the introduction of a new, lined, italicized downtube logo (based on the earlier corporate logo that debuted in 1962) which was immidiately standardized amongst virtually every single model of the Raleigh lineup; from the child's Mountie up to the the Team Professionals and replicas. Certain exceptions include novelty models such as the Raleigh Chopper, though and as far as my memory serves me, the Chopper and its variants are the only examples to stray from the norm.

Two color variants exist of this downtube decal, as shown at right. The alternate white set was used on the Super Tourer, International and Professional until 1976, while the 1977 Professional Mk. V reverted to the gold set. All other models utilize the gold transfers.

Top tube names received facelifts as well, though fonts varied depending on the model. Road frames from the Super Course up to the Professional (and the upright-bar, 531 Super Tourer) utilized variants of the previous cursive font from the 1972 models. The Grand Prix, Record, Sprite, and a few others received unique fonts, while the chainguard (or chaincase) equipped models were fitted with the new Raleigh logo combined with the model name to the logo's right. The 1973 Raleigh Record Ace is an exception to this rule; it's "RRA" top tube logo was created in the same font as the new Raleigh logo.

The "Made in England" decal on the top tube remained the same from previous years until 1978, upon when it was turned into a decal (from an ink transfer) and the circular TI logo was added to its left.

The following models in the lineup were given Rampar "R" transfers as secondary decals:

Grand Prix
Record 24
Space Rider

Carlton-made road frames were not fitted with the Rampar transfers; instead, they received Carlton seattube logos (in various forms) and 531 decals where applicable.

Super Tourer (brown) decal image courtesy "m6hm" - Flickr
Super Tourer (green), International and Grand Sports decal images courtesy Neal Lerner
Sprite decal image courtesy "redneckwes" - Bikeforums.net
Grand Prix and Sports chainguard decal images courtesy "gbalke" - Bikeforums.net
RRA decal image courtesy "Pars" - Bikeforums.net
1973 Super Course top tube decal image courtesy "auchencrow" - Bikeforums.net
Gran Sport, "Made In England," Tourist, and Professional decal images courtesy "mkeller234" - Bikeforums.net
Gazelle decal decal image courtesy "ianbrettcooper" - Bikeforums.net

Downtube decals:

1973+ downtube decal, gold/black

Alternate, white/gold 1973+ downtube decal

Top tube model names (w/o chainguard)

1973 only

"Grand Sports" until early 1973, Gran Sport 1974-1976

"Grand Sport," early-mid '73 transition

"Gran Sport," 1974-1976

Raleigh Record Ace - 1973 531 variants only

Super Tourer variants, located on top tube as with the examples above

Chainguard model names:

Rampar decals:

Rampar seattube and fork blade decals (plus 20-30 tubing decal)

"Made in England" top tube decal:

Top tube ink transfer, used until 1977

Top tube clear sticker w/TI logo, 1978-1982

Alternate seat tube decal used on Gazelle-produced models

1977-1980, road models

The 1977 decal set for some road models added a revised downtube logo proclaiming "Made by RALEIGH of England." This was not fitted to all models; upright-bar examples continued to utilize the gold set from 1973, and - to my knowledge - the Professional Mk.V also used the earlier gold set.

By 1980, a new country-of-origin seattube decal was introduced on the seattube of the Super Course, as shown at right.

The Carlton logo recieved a slight re-vamp for both models as shown.

Gold Super Course decal images courtesy "sauze" - Bikeforums.net
Competition downtube and model name decal images courtesy Neal Lerner
Record Ace decal image courtesy "Jim Thrill" - Flickr
Red Super Course Carlton decal image courtesy "redneckwes" - Bikeforums.net
Grand Sport decal image courtesy "toytech" - Bikeforums.net
Super Course (red) downtube and top tube decal images courtesy "mkeller234" - Bikeforums.net

Downtube decals:

Super Course downtube decal (white on red)

Super Course downtube decal (white on gold)

Competition downtube decal (white on black)

Competition downtube decal (gold on silver)

Top tube decal, Record Ace:

Top tube decal variants, Super Course:

Black lettering on gold frames

White lettering on red frames

Top tube decal variants, Competition G.S.:

White lettering on black frames

Gold lettering w/black outline on silver frames

Carlton seat-tube decal

Downtube decals, Super Course

Location-of-manufacture decal

1981-1982, Super Course + Competition


Super Course decal images courtesy "michael k" - Bikeforums.net
Competition decal images courtesy "m6hm" - Flickr
Competition GS decal images courtesy "Andrew F" - Bikeforums.net

Downtube decals:

Super Course downtube decal (on gold frames)

Competition downtube decal (on black)

Competition GS downtube decal, alternate (on black)

Top tube model names

Competition GS (U.S.)

Competition (U.K.)

Seat tube:

Left - seat tube decal, U.K. (all road/touring models)
Right - seat tube decal, U.S. market

Seat stay cap

Competition only (not all examples?)

Location-of-manufacture decal

Team replicas:

1973-1982+/- Team / Team Record

Blah blah about the Team Pro here-

The Team Record came in two unusual forms - some are essentially Record-labeled 531 frames on par with the Team Professional itself; these were never shown in any catalog - and the others are bottom-end Record frames with virtually the same decals. What's more, various 531 Team Professionals were produced for the U.K. at the Super Course level, with cheap dropouts and only 3 main tubes 531.

Use the tubing decal as your guide to spot a gas-pipe Record (20-30 or any form of high-ten = bottom-end Record), and the frame quality and fittings (not to mention an Ilkston SDBU serial) to distinguish a true Team Professional from some of the cheaper oddballs.

Keep this in mind: Even Capella-lugged Super Course frames (stamped DO's) have been seen with factory Team Professional paint jobs. If you see these decals, expect anything, if it doesn't carry an SDBU serial.

I advise you to visit the TI Raleigh Team Professional group on Yahoo! Groups for better information on any of these variants. The members there are better schooled on the SDBU and replica frames than I.

"Team Raleigh," Record, and seattube decal images courtesy "redneckwes" - Bikeforums.net
"Raleigh" and "Made In England" Union Jack decal images courtesy "norskagent" - Bikeforums.net

Downtube decals:

Team Professionals + some of the mid-range Team replicas, IF on the downtube.

Team Record downtube decal - used on the bottom-end and mid-range Team replicas, but won't be found on the Team Pro

Top tube model name

This TT decal may be found on either genuine SDBU frames or Record replicas (!)

This decal is generally used on SDBU Team Pros only, if on the TT.

Seat tube

Used on all variants

Location-of-manufacture decal, some SDBUs only